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DC Trip Informative for Business Leaders

A full day of meetings with elected officials and federal agency leaders took place on Tuesday, May 18th in Washington DC.  Participants in the 2010 DC Fly-In had the opportunity to visit one on one with Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Congressman Louie Gohmert on key issues such as the projected high cost on business to implement the new health care plan. Also discussed was the new Energy Security Bill which is the replacement bill for Cap and Trade (known as Cap and Tax).  

Advocacy co-chairs Tim Vaughn, TVaughn Properties LLC, and Jeremy Dumond, US Steel, both were impressed with the quality of speakers that Congressman’s Gohmert’s staff coordinated for our business leaders.  Tim Vaughn said “he thought it was interesting to hear from Emily Sander’s, Immigration Reform Caucus, perspective on such a current topic as immigration reform, in particular the new Arizona law, which according to her followed federal law that has not been enforced.”

While Jeremy Dumond explained he enjoyed hearing Paul Vercher, U.S. Steel, discuss the positive ITC ruling from earlier this year with Senator Cornyn. As the economy waned in late 2008, over a year’s supply of tubular goods, manufactured in China, arrived at the Port of Houston resulting insignificant price impacts. The idling of several of our facilities in Texas resulted from these unchecked trade practices.  With the support of various elected officials and lengthy testimony by industry leaders in Washington D.C., a tariff was imposed on the import of Chinese Tubular goods.

2008 and 2009 were tough years for business. While 2010 has brought a slow rebound there are still concerns about increased proposed regulations, unfunded mandates, and the unknown costs to implement Obama’s Healthcare plan.  More and more businesses are being reminded of the importance of being a Chamber member.    Small businesses simply do not have the time and expertise to stay on top of proposed legislation at the federal level explained Small Business owner Tim Vaughn. That is why now more than ever the business community needs to come together and hire the Chamber to be their watch dog!


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