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Geocaching is catching on in Longview Texas….have you played yet?

The Longview Chamber of Commerce annual community magazine, Uniquely Longview has a new trick up its sleeve this year. In addition to all of the good information on community events, services and features of interest, this year’s focus has been on the popular activity, Geocache hunting or “Geocaching.” Tying the fun of hunting for hidden caches, some as small or smaller than a pill box, into the many treasures Longview has for visitors and residents, an official hunt has been planned that invites all comers far and near. Who will win the grand prize, a fabulous “Staycation.” Staycation is a term coined to described the activity of taking a break and doing vacation activities without leaving your home town or at least not going very far. Staycationers often leave their home and stay for a weekend in a local hotel, eat in restaurants and take in some of the many attractions that too often are overlooked in a regular daily routine. One Grand Prize for being first to solve all the designated hidden caches is a Stacation, with hotel stay at Longview’s Homewood Suites by Hilton plus tickets to local events and dinner for two at Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard and Winery. After the Grand Prize is claimed there remain 100 attractive and Official Commemorative Coins from the hunt. The collecting of coins is a very popular activity among the avid geocachers. The contest will continue until all coins have been claimed. To help get the work out, a QR code has been placed in Uniquely Longview and on a flyer that will help smart phone users connect to the website that also has the rules and information about the Uniquely Longview Geocache Hunt. The Longview Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau is managing the hunt and they hope to spread the work out far and wide to pull visitors into Longview.


ABC Auto Parts Recognized as Large Business of the Year

The Longview Chamber of Commerce’s Large Business of the Year Award was created to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions that make an impact not only on the business community but the community at large. Large businesses are the backbone of the economy. They create jobs, cement communities, and build strong cultures.  Tonight’s recipient, ABC Auto Parts,  has been in business since 1968 creating over 400 jobs. 

 ABC Auto Parts is the leading supplier of auto parts to automotive repair centers in the Shreveport/East Texas area. Family-owned since 1968, their number one priority is and always has been customer satisfaction. With their commitment to customer service and an unbeatable product selection, ABC is a complete resource for a wide range of customers; including do it yourselfers, new car dealers, automotive repair shops, tire stores, and oil change centers. ABC is a trusted name and the local leader in auto parts and service.

The company was started in 1968 when Loyd Pyle opened ABC Auto Parts #1. One year later he opened his second retail store. That year he also opened a warehouse distributorship and began selling other parts stores and new car dealers.

By 1985 the company had grown the wholesale business significantly, built a new 63,000 square foot distribution center and was operating four retail stores. Company President Larry Pyle and Vice President David Gordy began to expand the company store base, opening about one store per year from 1985 to 2000.

Today the company is still expanding through the addition of new stores. The goal remains to be the number one parts store in each new market it enters. The company now consists of the warehouse distribution business, twenty six retail stores, two automotive glass shops, and a truck accessory store.

ABC remains a family owned company. Today the company is owned and managed by founder Loyd Pyle’s two children, Larry Pyle and Karen Cloud, and several third generation family members. ABC remains committed to high quality products, superior customer service and strong employee relations; the business principles established by Loyd Pyle in the early days of the company.


Morgan Abbigail Featured in Longview’s Business Chronicles

Promoting our members is one of the core competencies of the Longview Chamber of Commerce.   Recently, we are kicked off a new strategy called Longview’s Business Chronicles to help promote Shop & Dine in Longview.

This week’s business feature is on Morgan Abbigail owned by Morgan Tomberlain.  We asked Morgan what she believes is unique about her business.   What sets Morgan Abbilgail apart from other stores, is the customer service, education and experience in the fashion industry. Morgan attended textile science classes and also worked under a designer in New York.  Everything Morgan has learned she applies to her business. She focuses on the wants and needs of each customer as an individual. Every person has a unique body shape, size and taste in clothing. Her goal is to coordinated outfits for her customers that allows them feel great about themselves. Morgan dresses ladies of all ages from teenagers to octogenarians and everyone in between. The best part of it is, they leave Morgan Abbilgail’s feeling fabulous and confident.

Diana Northcutt asked Morgan Tomberlain why Morgan Abbigail joined the Chamber? Morgan explained, “Growing up in a family of Longview small business owners, I know the importance of promoting our community and encouraging our citizens to shop local. I feel the Longview Chamber of Commerce helps with both of these tasks. In addition, the Chamber is a valuable source that puts me in touch with other local business owners and they also provide educational seminars with timely subject content. “

Morgan Abbigail specializes in women’s and men’s clothing and provides a stylish retreat for the fashionable shopper. From the store’s cozy yet chic atmosphere to the superior customer service, Morgan Abbigail brings a whole new shopping experience to Longview.

Morgan Abbigail is open Monday through Friday 10:00 to 5:30 and Saturdays 11:00 to 4:30.

Morgan Abbigail

1505 Judson Road

Longview, TX 75601


Longview Business Chronicles Features Cheeburger Cheeburger

Promoting our members is one of the core competencies of the Longview Chamber of Commerce.   Recently, we are kicked off a new strategy called Longview’s Business Chronicles to help promote Shop & Dine in Longview. 

This week’s business feature is on Cheeburger Cheeburger with owners Cammy Altmen and Jada Beaver owners.  Cheeburger Cheeburger opened in 2011.  One of their first objectives was to join the Chamber so they could be part of the community. 

We want to be a GREAT corporate citizen by giving back to the community.  One of the ways we plan to do that is by helping non-profits fundraise. We will donate 15% of our sales to your cause.  We are hoping more non-profits will contact us at 903-663-8600 to get more information.

 Altem and Beaver’s explained they had wanting to open a family type restaurant for Longview for some time.  They explored franchise’s that met their personal vision of what they wanted to see in Longview.  When they discovered CCB the corporate values is what ultimately drove the decision. Again one of the key factors for choosing CCB was because they encourage franchises to be part of the community.   

 Diana Northcutt asked Altmen and Beaver’s what advice they have for entrepreneurs looking to start a business.  Good solid planning is important.  Become informed about the franchise choices.  Write a business plan.  Take advantage of the services with Small Business Development’s Center. They also stated, do not give up and do your business locally.

 What Makes Cheeburger Cheeburger Different?  Each one sets us apart and optimizes each of our core products. Which are, and always will be, burgers, fries, rings, and shakes, the casual “comfort” food America loves.  We are unwavering in our insistence on the highest quality ingredients and raw products. Our beef is always fresh, never frozen, direct from the processor, not a middle man. It’s lean all-natural Angus beef with nothing added. Nothing artificial. No chemicals. We buy, use and serve brand names. Even down to the smallest individual serving packs for Take-out.

Quality is one cornerstone of our success. No one ever leaves one of our restaurants hungry. Everything is bigger than expected. Our pounder is actually a huge 20 ounces before cooking. Take a look at the weight before cooking on each of our burgers (it’s right on our menu). And you’ll find that our “Big is Better” motto holds true for our portions of fries, rings, shakes, salads…everything we serve. Our serving sizes and quality add up to value that is unmatched. We cook everything to order. It takes a few extra minutes, but we would rather have a customer wait for great food than have great food waiting around for a customer. There is no central commissary or kitchen. Virtually everything we offer is made from scratch, daily, right in each of our restaurants. Our famous fries are cut from huge Idaho potatoes, cured, adhering to an exacting process, and at the right time, cooked in cholesterol-free peanut oil. Our rings are cut from colossal onions, dipped in our special batter and also cooked in tasty, cholesterol-free peanut oil.

At Cheeburger Cheeburger, a customer can invent his or her own taste. Their very own “Signature” Cheeburger. They can select from Jalapeno peppers, chopped garlic, guacamole, roasted red peppers…and, of course, typical toppings too, like tomato, and onion plus at least six quality cheeses. And they can get these free toppings on grilled chicken, grilled cheese, or on their salads.

If you have not been to Cheeburger Cheeburger you and your family need to stop in and give it a try.  You can find them in the strip center by Lowe’s on Fourth St.

Cheeburger Cheeburger
3407 N Fourth St Ste 101
Longview, TX 75605      (903) 663-8600


Christmas Chronicles promotes Longview Chamber Members!

Christmas Chronicles

Promoting our members is one of the core competencies of the Longview Chamber of Commerce.  This year we are kicking off a new strategy called Christmas Chronicles to help promote Shop Longview and supporting our local retail base. 

Our first business feature is on “Redneck Rockstar Boutique” owned by April Myers.  We asked April what she believes is unique about her boutique.  We believe that everyone can add a little country bling to anything!! We like showing off our items from cowgirl country to our fabulous fashion clothing, bling flip flops, rhinestone belts, and funky chunky jewelry! Redneck Rockstar Boutique has from plain and simple to add just a little punch to big and gaudy for that in your face addition!”

Diana Northcutt asked April why did she join the chamber?

April explained, “I am always looking for opportunities to gain exposure for our business. The Chamber provides me the opportunity to get the scoop on all the events that are going on. It’s also a great way to network!  I have found by attending and participating in events like I can showcase our merchandise and build relationships with prospective customers.  We promote ourselves as a one stop shop by having a hair salon and clothing boutique.” 

Diana also asked April what tips would she give entrepreneurs who have opened a business?

April shared how developing her social media strategy has definitely helped her showcase the boutique.  The result has been SALES, SALES, SALES!  You can find Redneck Rockstar Boutique on Facebook.  Currently, Redneck Rockstar Boutique has over 5,000 likes.  Having this type of exposure is great for a small business.  If you don’t have time to stop by our boutique you can spend 2-3 minutes checking us out on Facebook.

Of course we do encourage you to visit the boutique in person!  Their location is on Gilmer Road in front of the Walmart.

Redneck Rockstar Boutique & Salon
2302 Gilmer Rd
Ste 200
Longview, TX 75604

(903) 720-2185



Economic Indicators remain strong for Longview TX

Cautious optimism remains in place for the Longview economy as unemployment numbers continue to be below state and national averages coupled with another strong monthly sales tax report from the State Comptroller’s office.   Yesterday, the Texas Labor Market Information services released their latest report for the Longview MSA.  Unemployment is at 6.7% compared to the State ‘s 7.9% and US’s 8.7%.  Mining, Logging and Construction experienced a 9.4% growth rate compared to the same time last year.  Manufacturing reflected a 3.8% increase with Professional and Business Services at 3.7%.

The Longview Chamber builds hundreds of relocation packet for member companies to aid in their recruitment process stated Kelly Hall, President/CEO.   Over the past 60  days we have seen the volume of relocation packets  increase immensely compared to the same time last year.  HR teams from several sectors have requested high volumes of relo packets for their recruitment efforts.

Additional good news comes from WIRED Magazine.  Adam Davidson did an article recently on “The Emerging Epicenters of High Tech Industry”.   He created a map utilizing the Cluster Mapping Project at  Harvard Business School. The  provides the top 20 job-creating areas for the following fields: Plastics, Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace vehicles, Information technology, Biopharma, Metal manufacturing, Communication technology, Medical technology, Analytical instruments, and Electrical equipment.  Eastman Chemical of Longview Texas is spotlighted at  Davidson reports Eastman dominates the chemical industry in Longview, an area spread over 3 counties in East Texas.  The company produces more than 40 products but ethyl acetate NF – solvent also used in pharmaceutical production and cosmetics – is as Longview specialty (even comes in kosher variety).

Longview Texas economic recovery continues to outpace the state and country.  If you would like to share more good news about your companies growth patterns in Longview  please contact Kelly Hall at


AlleyFest celebrates 33 years of festival fun in downtown Longview June 3-5

AlleyFest – A Real East Texas Celebration of the Arts is taking place on the streets of Downtown Longview’s historic Main Street district.
Music Fest brings great entertainment to Longview on Friday and Saturday evening. Friday, Matthew Davidson Band will open the festival, taking the stage at 8:00 pm. The Matthew Davidson Band is not your typical rock band. Classic rock…classic blues…classic style.
Wade Bowen will headline Friday night starting at 10:00 pm on the Bud Light Main Stage. Bowen a leading light on the thriving Texas country foundation that also draws inspiration from the wide spectrum of music he loves. Ask Bowen what distinguishes his music, and after mulling the notion for a minute, his answer is basic and direct: “Intensity”.
Saturday AlleyFest proudly welcomes 3 Rock N’ Roll Tributes! (33 years with 3 Tributes)
· 6:00 pm – 7 Bridges: The Ultimate EAGLES Experience is a stunning accurate tribute to the music of the Eagles. 7 Bridges is a tour de force of talent combining incredible musicianship, vocal precision and a stage presence that has garnered them nationwide acclaim.
· 8:00 pm – Back in Black a Tribute to AC / DCis an incredible, exciting, high energy reproduction of a concert performance of AC / DC. They are one of the first bands chosen by Live Nation to tour the House of Blues!
· 10:00 pm and still rocking – Guns 4 Roses the internationally touring, total Guns N’ Roses rock and roll tribute experience; long hair, leather pants, sunglasses, bandanas, top hats, and Les Pauls! Guns 4 Roses rock all your favorite songs from Welcome to the Jungle to November Rain and everything in between putting on a full stage production. More than just a Guns N’ Roses tribute band, Guns 4 Roses is the Ultimate Guns N’ Roses Tribute Experience!
Alley Art, Alley Run, Kids Fest, Food Fest and more!
AlleyFest — The Place to BE! June 3 – 5, 2011

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